Differential Cross Sections of Ionization for Atomic Hydrogen by Proton Impact

Created by: Akira Kawano and Lukas Pichl. CopyRight: National Institute for Fusion Science

1) L. Pichl, S. Zou, M, Kimura, I. Murakami, and T. Kato, Total, partial and differential ionization cross sections in proton-hydrogen atom collisions in the energy regeon of 0.1 keV/u - 10keV/u, Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data, Vol.33(2004) 1031-1058.
2) S. Zou, L. Pichl, M. Kimura and T. Kato, Total and differential cross section calculations for proton-impact ionization of hydrogen at low energies, Physical Review A, Vol.66 (2002) 042707:1-13.