Argon Atom

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Z=18     Atomic Mass : MA = 39.948

Table I. Discrete oscillator strength, fn, for the ns, nd, nd, ns' and nd' series.

  Energy      fn          lambda(A)
  1.1624E+01  5.8000E-02  1.0666E+03
  1.4092E+01  2.6000E-02  8.7984E+02
  1.4857E+01  1.4000E-02  8.3449E+02
  1.5159E+01  1.3900E-02  8.1787E+02
  1.5506E+01  2.1100E-02  7.9957E+02
  1.3606E+01  1.1000E-03  9.1127E+02
  1.4717E+01  1.9000E-03  8.4248E+02
  1.5170E+01  4.1000E-03  8.1728E+02
  1.5530E+01  6.2000E-03  7.9835E+02
  1.4153E+01  9.0000E-02  8.7604E+02
  1.4857E+01  4.8000E-02  8.3452E+02
  1.5188E+01  4.2600E-02  8.1635E+02
  1.5526E+01  5.7400E-02  7.9854E+02
  1.5852E+01  3.3500E-02  7.8214E+02
  1.1828E+01  2.2140E-01  1.0482E+03
  1.4257E+01  1.2000E-02  8.6963E+02
  1.5025E+01  2.2100E-02  8.2518E+02
  1.5572E+01  6.9000E-03  7.9621E+02
  1.4304E+01  1.0600E-01  8.6676E+02
  1.4984E+01  2.0900E-02  8.2744E+02
  1.5610E+01  5.6200E-02  7.9424E+02

Table II. Discrete oscillator strength, fn, for resonance transitions; between 26.6 eV and 29.2 eV and at 3203.3 eV.

  Energy      fn          lambda(A)
  2.6614E+01  -3.2800E-02  4.6586E+02
  2.7996E+01  -1.0000E-02  4.4286E+02
  2.8509E+01  -4.4000E-03  4.3489E+02
  2.8756E+01  -2.3400E-03  4.3116E+02
  2.8896E+01  -1.4500E-03  4.2907E+02
  2.8928E+01  -1.0900E-03  4.2860E+02
  2.9100E+01  -3.0000E-03  4.2606E+02
  3.2033E+03   2.2000E-03  3.8705E+00

Table III. Oscillator-strength density,df/dE, photoabsorption cross section, σa, and mass absorption coefficient, μm

  Energy      fn(eV-1)    sigma_a(Mb) mu_m(cm2 g-1) lambda(A)
  1.5937E+01  2.9639E-01  3.2532E+01  4.9042E+05  7.7796E+02
  1.7500E+01  3.0499E-01  3.3476E+01  5.0465E+05  7.0848E+02
  2.0000E+01  3.3510E-01  3.6781E+01  5.5447E+05  6.1992E+02
  2.2500E+01  3.3351E-01  3.6606E+01  5.5184E+05  5.5104E+02
  2.5000E+01  3.0809E-01  3.3816E+01  5.0978E+05  4.9594E+02
  2.7500E+01  2.7241E-01  2.9900E+01  4.5074E+05  4.5085E+02
  3.0000E+01  1.9282E-01  2.1164E+01  3.1904E+05  4.1328E+02
  3.5000E+01  8.0918E-02  8.8816E+00  1.3389E+05  3.5424E+02
  4.0000E+01  2.7595E-02  3.0288E+00  4.5659E+04  3.0996E+02
  4.5000E+01  8.0771E-03  8.8655E-01  1.3365E+04  2.7552E+02
  4.8000E+01  4.6325E-03  5.0847E-01  7.6651E+03  2.5830E+02
  5.0000E+01  6.6325E-03  7.2799E-01  1.0974E+04  2.4797E+02
  6.0000E+01  9.9343E-03  1.0904E+00  1.6438E+04  2.0664E+02
  7.0000E+01  1.2284E-02  1.3483E+00  2.0326E+04  1.7712E+02
  8.0000E+01  1.2924E-02  1.4185E+00  2.1384E+04  1.5498E+02
  9.0000E+01  1.2344E-02  1.3549E+00  2.0426E+04  1.3776E+02
  1.0000E+02  1.1673E-02  1.2812E+00  1.9314E+04  1.2398E+02
  1.2500E+02  9.4569E-03  1.0380E+00  1.5648E+04  9.9187E+01
  1.5000E+02  7.3391E-03  8.0555E-01  1.2144E+04  8.2656E+01
  1.7500E+02  5.6827E-03  6.2374E-01  9.4028E+03  7.0848E+01
  2.0000E+02  4.4518E-03  4.8864E-01  7.3662E+03  6.1992E+01
  2.2500E+02  3.5426E-03  3.8883E-01  5.8617E+03  5.5104E+01
  2.4300E+02  3.7402E-03  4.1053E-01  6.1887E+03  5.1022E+01
  2.4400E+02  5.1967E-03  5.7040E-01  8.5987E+03  5.0813E+01
  2.4450E+02  7.6333E-03  8.3784E-01  1.2630E+04  5.0709E+01
  2.4500E+02  6.9590E-03  7.6382E-01  1.1515E+04  5.0606E+01
  2.4550E+02  5.3316E-03  5.8520E-01  8.8219E+03  5.0503E+01
  2.4600E+02  5.4755E-03  6.0099E-01  9.0599E+03  5.0400E+01
  2.4650E+02  9.4315E-03  1.0352E+00  1.5606E+04  5.0298E+01
  2.4700E+02  1.4520E-02  1.5938E+00  2.4026E+04  5.0196E+01
  2.4750E+02  1.6525E-02  1.8138E+00  2.7343E+04  5.0095E+01
  2.4800E+02  1.7982E-02  1.9737E+00  2.9753E+04  4.9994E+01
  2.4850E+02  2.0679E-02  2.2698E+00  3.4216E+04  4.9893E+01
  2.4900E+02  2.4186E-02  2.6546E+00  4.0018E+04  4.9793E+01
  2.4950E+02  2.8142E-02  3.0888E+00  4.6564E+04  4.9693E+01
  2.5000E+02  3.0749E-02  3.3750E+00  5.0878E+04  4.9594E+01
  2.5050E+02  3.2277E-02  3.5428E+00  5.3407E+04  4.9495E+01
  2.5100E+02  3.3896E-02  3.7204E+00  5.6085E+04  4.9396E+01
  2.5150E+02  3.4705E-02  3.8092E+00  5.7424E+04  4.9298E+01
  2.5200E+02  3.5424E-02  3.8882E+00  5.8614E+04  4.9200E+01
  2.5250E+02  3.5424E-02  3.8882E+00  5.8614E+04  4.9103E+01
  2.5300E+02  3.5694E-02  3.9178E+00  5.9061E+04  4.9006E+01
  2.5350E+02  3.9774E-02  4.3657E+00  6.5812E+04  4.8909E+01
  2.5400E+02  3.9471E-02  4.3323E+00  6.5310E+04  4.8813E+01
  2.5450E+02  3.9370E-02  4.3212E+00  6.5142E+04  4.8717E+01
  2.5500E+02  3.8560E-02  4.2324E+00  6.3803E+04  4.8621E+01
  2.5550E+02  3.8256E-02  4.1990E+00  6.3300E+04  4.8526E+01
  2.5600E+02  3.8054E-02  4.1768E+00  6.2965E+04  4.8431E+01
  2.5650E+02  3.7345E-02  4.0991E+00  6.1793E+04  4.8337E+01
  2.5700E+02  3.6941E-02  4.0546E+00  6.1123E+04  4.8243E+01
  2.5750E+02  3.6738E-02  4.0324E+00  6.0788E+04  4.8149E+01
  2.5800E+02  3.6232E-02  3.9769E+00  5.9951E+04  4.8056E+01
  2.5850E+02  3.6131E-02  3.9658E+00  5.9784E+04  4.7963E+01
  2.5900E+02  3.5928E-02  3.9435E+00  5.9449E+04  4.7870E+01
  2.5950E+02  3.5220E-02  3.8658E+00  5.8277E+04  4.7778E+01
  2.6000E+02  3.5321E-02  3.8769E+00  5.8444E+04  4.7686E+01
  2.6050E+02  3.4714E-02  3.8102E+00  5.7439E+04  4.7595E+01
  2.6100E+02  3.4410E-02  3.7769E+00  5.6937E+04  4.7504E+01
  2.6150E+02  3.4815E-02  3.8213E+00  5.7607E+04  4.7413E+01
  2.6200E+02  3.4309E-02  3.7658E+00  5.6769E+04  4.7322E+01
  2.6250E+02  3.4208E-02  3.7547E+00  5.6602E+04  4.7232E+01
  2.6300E+02  3.4006E-02  3.7325E+00  5.6267E+04  4.7142E+01
  2.6350E+02  3.3904E-02  3.7214E+00  5.6100E+04  4.7053E+01
  2.6400E+02  2.4696E-02  2.7106E+00  4.0863E+04  4.6964E+01
  2.6450E+02  2.4549E-02  2.6945E+00  4.0619E+04  4.6875E+01
  2.6500E+02  2.4696E-02  2.7106E+00  4.0863E+04  4.6786E+01
  2.6550E+02  2.4549E-02  2.6945E+00  4.0619E+04  4.6698E+01
  2.6600E+02  2.4549E-02  2.6945E+00  4.0619E+04  4.6611E+01
  2.6650E+02  2.4622E-02  2.7026E+00  4.0741E+04  4.6523E+01
  2.6700E+02  2.4622E-02  2.7026E+00  4.0741E+04  4.6436E+01
  2.6750E+02  2.4696E-02  2.7106E+00  4.0863E+04  4.6349E+01
  2.6800E+02  2.4549E-02  2.6945E+00  4.0619E+04  4.6263E+01
  2.6850E+02  2.4475E-02  2.6864E+00  4.0498E+04  4.6177E+01
  2.6900E+02  2.4034E-02  2.6380E+00  3.9768E+04  4.6091E+01
  2.6950E+02  2.3667E-02  2.5977E+00  3.9160E+04  4.6005E+01
  2.7000E+02  2.3446E-02  2.5735E+00  3.8795E+04  4.5920E+01
  2.7050E+02  2.3079E-02  2.5332E+00  3.8187E+04  4.5835E+01
  2.7100E+02  3.0800E-02  3.3806E+00  5.0963E+04  4.5751E+01
  2.7150E+02  3.0700E-02  3.3697E+00  5.0797E+04  4.5666E+01
  2.7200E+02  3.0700E-02  3.3697E+00  5.0797E+04  4.5582E+01
  2.7250E+02  3.0400E-02  3.3367E+00  5.0301E+04  4.5499E+01
  2.7300E+02  3.0300E-02  3.3258E+00  5.0136E+04  4.5415E+01
  2.7350E+02  3.0200E-02  3.3148E+00  4.9970E+04  4.5332E+01
  2.7400E+02  3.0200E-02  3.3148E+00  4.9970E+04  4.5250E+01
  2.7450E+02  3.0100E-02  3.3038E+00  4.9805E+04  4.5167E+01
  2.7500E+02  2.9900E-02  3.2819E+00  4.9474E+04  4.5085E+01
  2.7550E+02  2.9600E-02  3.2489E+00  4.8977E+04  4.5003E+01
  2.7600E+02  2.9700E-02  3.2599E+00  4.9143E+04  4.4922E+01
  2.7650E+02  2.9600E-02  3.2489E+00  4.8977E+04  4.4841E+01
  2.7700E+02  2.9600E-02  3.2489E+00  4.8977E+04  4.4760E+01
  2.7750E+02  2.9100E-02  3.1940E+00  4.8150E+04  4.4679E+01
  2.7800E+02  2.9200E-02  3.2050E+00  4.8316E+04  4.4599E+01
  2.7850E+02  2.9100E-02  3.1940E+00  4.8150E+04  4.4519E+01
  2.7900E+02  2.9000E-02  3.1831E+00  4.7985E+04  4.4439E+01
  2.7950E+02  2.9200E-02  3.2050E+00  4.8316E+04  4.4359E+01
  2.8000E+02  2.8900E-02  3.1721E+00  4.7819E+04  4.4280E+01
  2.8100E+02  2.8800E-02  3.1611E+00  4.7654E+04  4.4122E+01
  2.8200E+02  2.8700E-02  3.1501E+00  4.7488E+04  4.3966E+01
  2.8300E+02  2.8500E-02  3.1282E+00  4.7157E+04  4.3811E+01
  2.8400E+02  2.8700E-02  3.1501E+00  4.7488E+04  4.3656E+01
  2.8500E+02  2.8400E-02  3.1172E+00  4.6992E+04  4.3503E+01
  2.8600E+02  2.8500E-02  3.1282E+00  4.7157E+04  4.3351E+01
  2.8700E+02  2.8300E-02  3.1062E+00  4.6826E+04  4.3200E+01
  2.8800E+02  2.8300E-02  3.1062E+00  4.6826E+04  4.3050E+01
  2.8900E+02  2.8300E-02  3.1062E+00  4.6826E+04  4.2901E+01
  2.9000E+02  2.8100E-02  3.0843E+00  4.6495E+04  4.2753E+01
  2.9100E+02  2.7900E-02  3.0623E+00  4.6164E+04  4.2606E+01
  2.9200E+02  2.7900E-02  3.0623E+00  4.6164E+04  4.2460E+01
  2.9300E+02  2.7700E-02  3.0404E+00  4.5834E+04  4.2315E+01
  2.9400E+02  2.7600E-02  3.0294E+00  4.5668E+04  4.2171E+01
  2.9500E+02  2.7400E-02  3.0075E+00  4.5337E+04  4.2029E+01
  2.9600E+02  2.7600E-02  3.0294E+00  4.5668E+04  4.1887E+01
  2.9700E+02  2.7500E-02  3.0184E+00  4.5503E+04  4.1746E+01
  2.9800E+02  2.7400E-02  3.0075E+00  4.5337E+04  4.1605E+01
  2.9900E+02  2.7100E-02  2.9745E+00  4.4841E+04  4.1466E+01
  3.0000E+02  2.7100E-02  2.9745E+00  4.4841E+04  4.1328E+01
  3.0100E+02  2.7300E-02  2.9965E+00  4.5172E+04  4.1191E+01
  3.0200E+02  2.7000E-02  2.9635E+00  4.4675E+04  4.1054E+01
  3.0300E+02  2.6700E-02  2.9306E+00  4.4179E+04  4.0919E+01
  3.0400E+02  2.6700E-02  2.9306E+00  4.4179E+04  4.0784E+01
  3.0500E+02  2.6700E-02  2.9306E+00  4.4179E+04  4.0651E+01
  3.0600E+02  2.6600E-02  2.9196E+00  4.4013E+04  4.0518E+01
  3.0700E+02  2.6700E-02  2.9306E+00  4.4179E+04  4.0386E+01
  3.0800E+02  2.6400E-02  2.8977E+00  4.3683E+04  4.0255E+01
  3.0900E+02  2.6200E-02  2.8757E+00  4.3352E+04  4.0124E+01
  3.1000E+02  2.6300E-02  2.8867E+00  4.3517E+04  3.9995E+01
  3.1100E+02  2.6300E-02  2.8867E+00  4.3517E+04  3.9866E+01
  3.1200E+02  2.6200E-02  2.8757E+00  4.3352E+04  3.9739E+01
  3.1300E+02  2.6200E-02  2.8757E+00  4.3352E+04  3.9612E+01
  3.1400E+02  2.6300E-02  2.8867E+00  4.3517E+04  3.9485E+01
  3.1500E+02  2.5900E-02  2.8428E+00  4.2855E+04  3.9360E+01
  3.1600E+02  2.5700E-02  2.8209E+00  4.2524E+04  3.9236E+01
  3.1700E+02  2.5900E-02  2.8428E+00  4.2855E+04  3.9112E+01
  3.1800E+02  2.5900E-02  2.8428E+00  4.2855E+04  3.8989E+01
  3.1900E+02  2.5700E-02  2.8209E+00  4.2524E+04  3.8867E+01
  3.2000E+02  2.5900E-02  2.8428E+00  4.2855E+04  3.8745E+01
  3.2100E+02  2.5900E-02  2.8428E+00  4.2855E+04  3.8624E+01
  3.2200E+02  2.6000E-02  2.8538E+00  4.3021E+04  3.8504E+01
  3.2300E+02  2.6600E-02  2.9196E+00  4.4013E+04  3.8385E+01
  3.2400E+02  2.7000E-02  2.9635E+00  4.4675E+04  3.8267E+01
  3.2500E+02  2.7400E-02  3.0075E+00  4.5337E+04  3.8149E+01
  3.2600E+02  2.7400E-02  3.0075E+00  4.5337E+04  3.8032E+01
  3.2700E+02  2.7000E-02  2.9635E+00  4.4675E+04  3.7916E+01
  3.2800E+02  2.7400E-02  3.0075E+00  4.5337E+04  3.7800E+01
  3.2900E+02  2.6900E-02  2.9526E+00  4.4510E+04  3.7685E+01
  3.3000E+02  2.6900E-02  2.9526E+00  4.4510E+04  3.7571E+01
  3.3100E+02  2.6500E-02  2.9087E+00  4.3848E+04  3.7457E+01
  3.3200E+02  2.6100E-02  2.8648E+00  4.3186E+04  3.7345E+01
  3.3300E+02  2.6400E-02  2.8977E+00  4.3683E+04  3.7232E+01
  3.3400E+02  2.6200E-02  2.8757E+00  4.3352E+04  3.7121E+01
  3.3500E+02  2.6100E-02  2.8648E+00  4.3186E+04  3.7010E+01
  3.3600E+02  2.5800E-02  2.8318E+00  4.2690E+04  3.6900E+01
  3.5000E+02  2.1537E-02  2.3639E+00  3.5636E+04  3.5424E+01
  4.0000E+02  1.7165E-02  1.8840E+00  2.8401E+04  3.0996E+01
  4.5000E+02  1.3523E-02  1.4843E+00  2.2376E+04  2.7552E+01
  5.0000E+02  1.0759E-02  1.1810E+00  1.7803E+04  2.4797E+01
  6.0000E+02  7.2255E-03  7.9307E-01  1.1956E+04  2.0664E+01
  7.0000E+02  5.0022E-03  5.4905E-01  8.2769E+03  1.7712E+01
  8.0000E+02  3.5914E-03  3.9420E-01  5.9425E+03  1.5498E+01
  9.0000E+02  2.6659E-03  2.9261E-01  4.4112E+03  1.3776E+01
  1.0000E+03  2.0260E-03  2.2237E-01  3.3523E+03  1.2398E+01
  1.2500E+03  1.1203E-03  1.2297E-01  1.8537E+03  9.9187E+00
  1.5000E+03  6.8751E-04  7.5462E-02  1.1376E+03  8.2656E+00
  1.7500E+03  4.5498E-04  4.9940E-02  7.5284E+02  7.0848E+00
  2.0000E+03  3.1862E-04  3.4972E-02  5.2720E+02  6.1992E+00
  2.2500E+03  2.3309E-04  2.5584E-02  3.8567E+02  5.5104E+00
  2.5000E+03  1.7653E-04  1.9376E-02  2.9209E+02  4.9594E+00
  2.7500E+03  1.3751E-04  1.5093E-02  2.2753E+02  4.5085E+00
  3.0000E+03  1.0963E-04  1.2033E-02  1.8139E+02  4.1328E+00
  3.2030E+03  9.2533E-05  1.0157E-02  1.5311E+02  3.8709E+00
  3.2060E+03  8.8381E-04  9.7008E-02  1.4624E+03  3.8673E+00
  3.5000E+03  6.9649E-04  7.6448E-02  1.1524E+03  3.5424E+00
  4.0000E+03  4.9993E-04  5.4873E-02  8.2720E+02  3.0996E+00
  4.5000E+03  3.7261E-04  4.0898E-02  6.1654E+02  2.7552E+00
  5.0000E+03  2.8118E-04  3.0863E-02  4.6526E+02  2.4797E+00
  6.0000E+03  1.6089E-04  1.7659E-02  2.6622E+02  2.0664E+00
  7.0000E+03  1.0546E-04  1.1575E-02  1.7449E+02  1.7712E+00
  8.0000E+03  7.2513E-05  7.9591E-03  1.1998E+02  1.5498E+00
  9.0000E+03  5.1988E-05  5.7063E-03  8.6022E+01  1.3776E+00
  1.0000E+04  3.7082E-05  4.0702E-03  6.1358E+01  1.2398E+00
  1.2500E+04  1.9470E-05  2.1370E-03  3.2216E+01  9.9187E-01
  1.5000E+04  1.1420E-05  1.2535E-03  1.8896E+01  8.2656E-01
  1.7500E+04  7.2078E-06  7.9113E-04  1.1926E+01  7.0848E-01
  2.0000E+04  4.8403E-06  5.3128E-04  8.0090E+00  6.1992E-01
  2.2500E+04  3.4070E-06  3.7395E-04  5.6373E+00  5.5104E-01
  2.5000E+04  2.4887E-06  2.7317E-04  4.1180E+00  4.9594E-01
  2.7500E+04  1.8660E-06  2.0481E-04  3.0875E+00  4.5085E-01
  3.0000E+04  1.4256E-06  1.5647E-04  2.3588E+00  4.1328E-01
  3.5000E+04  8.8390E-07  9.7018E-05  1.4625E+00  3.5424E-01
  4.0000E+04  5.8435E-07  6.4139E-05  9.6689E-01  3.0996E-01
  4.5000E+04  4.0566E-07  4.4526E-05  6.7123E-01  2.7552E-01
  5.0000E+04  2.9269E-07  3.2125E-05  4.8429E-01  2.4797E-01
  6.0000E+04  1.6638E-07  1.8262E-05  2.7530E-01  2.0664E-01
  7.0000E+04  1.0298E-07  1.1303E-05  1.7039E-01  1.7712E-01
  8.0000E+04  6.7465E-08  7.4051E-06  1.1163E-01  1.5498E-01
  9.0000E+04  4.6388E-08  5.0916E-06  7.6756E-02  1.3776E-01
  1.0000E+05  3.3182E-08  3.6421E-06  5.4905E-02  1.2398E-01