Helium Atom

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Z=2     Atomic Mass : MA = 4.002602

Table I. Discrete oscillator strength, fn.

  Energy      fn          lambda(A)
  2.1218E+01  2.7616E-01  5.8433E+02
  2.3087E+01  7.3440E-02  5.3703E+02
  2.3742E+01  2.9860E-02  5.2221E+02
  2.4046E+01  1.5039E-02  5.1562E+02
  2.4211E+01  8.6280E-03  5.1210E+02
  2.4311E+01  5.4050E-03  5.1000E+02
  2.4375E+01  3.6100E-03  5.0864E+02
  2.4420E+01  2.5300E-03  5.0772E+02
  2.4452E+01  1.8400E-03  5.0706E+02
  2.4475E+01  1.3810E-03  5.0657E+02
  2.4493E+01  1.0630E-03  5.0620E+02
  2.4507E+01  8.3500E-04  5.0591E+02
  2.4518E+01  6.6800E-04  5.0568E+02
  2.4527E+01  5.4300E-04  5.0550E+02
  2.4534E+01  4.4800E-04  5.0535E+02
  2.4540E+01  3.7300E-04  5.0522E+02
  2.4545E+01  3.1400E-04  5.0512E+02
  2.4550E+01  2.6700E-04  5.0503E+02
  2.4553E+01  2.2900E-04  5.0496E+02
  2.4572E+01  2.0760E-03  5.0457E+02

Table II. Excess oscillator strength, fn, for the two-electron excitation series.

  Energy      fn          lambda(A)  
  6.0151E+01  4.8610E-03  2.0612E+02
  6.3655E+01  8.0200E-04  1.9478E+02
  6.4466E+01  3.3000E-04  1.9232E+02
  6.4816E+01  1.3600E-04  1.9129E+02
  6.4999E+01  7.8000E-05  1.9075E+02
  6.5108E+01  4.9000E-05  1.9043E+02
  6.5181E+01  2.9000E-05  1.9022E+02
  6.5229E+01  1.9000E-05  1.9008E+02
  6.5263E+01  1.0000E-05  1.8998E+02
  6.2761E+01  3.2000E-05  1.9755E+02
  6.4136E+01  5.0000E-06  1.9332E+02
  6.4659E+01  4.0000E-06  1.9175E+02
  7.1225E+01  5.8000E-05  1.7407E+02
  7.2003E+01  6.7000E-05  1.7219E+02
  7.2358E+01  4.8000E-05  1.7135E+02
  7.2549E+01  5.0000E-06  1.7090E+02
  7.1725E+01  2.0000E-06  1.7286E+02
  7.2253E+01  6.3000E-05  1.7160E+02

Table III. Oscillator-strength density, df/dE, photoabsorption cross section, σa, and mass absorption coefficient, μm.

  Energy      fn(eV-1)    sigma_a(Mb) mu_m(cm2 g-1) lambda(A)
  2.4587E+01  6.7610E-02  7.4209E+00  1.1165E+06  5.0426E+02
  2.5000E+01  6.5821E-02  7.2246E+00  1.0870E+06  4.9594E+02
  2.7500E+01  5.6468E-02  6.1980E+00  9.3252E+05  4.5085E+02
  3.0000E+01  4.8924E-02  5.3699E+00  8.0794E+05  4.1328E+02
  3.5000E+01  3.7351E-02  4.0997E+00  6.1682E+05  3.5424E+02
  4.0000E+01  2.9021E-02  3.1854E+00  4.7926E+05  3.0996E+02
  4.5000E+01  2.2918E-02  2.5155E+00  3.7848E+05  2.7552E+02
  5.0000E+01  1.8381E-02  2.0175E+00  3.0355E+05  2.4797E+02
  6.0000E+01  1.2330E-02  1.3534E+00  2.0362E+05  2.0664E+02
  7.0000E+01  8.6780E-03  9.5251E-01  1.4331E+05  1.7712E+02
  8.0000E+01  6.3532E-03  6.9733E-01  1.0492E+05  1.5498E+02
  9.0000E+01  4.8043E-03  5.2732E-01  7.9338E+04  1.3776E+02
  1.0000E+02  3.7319E-03  4.0962E-01  6.1629E+04  1.2398E+02
  1.2500E+02  2.0218E-03  2.2192E-01  3.3389E+04  9.9187E+01
  1.5000E+02  1.2084E-03  1.3264E-01  1.9956E+04  8.2656E+01
  1.7500E+02  7.7471E-04  8.5033E-02  1.2794E+04  7.0848E+01
  2.0000E+02  5.2372E-04  5.7484E-02  8.6487E+03  6.1992E+01
  2.2500E+02  3.6900E-04  4.0502E-02  6.0938E+03  5.5104E+01
  2.5000E+02  2.6876E-04  2.9499E-02  4.4383E+03  4.9594E+01
  2.7500E+02  2.0113E-04  2.2076E-02  3.3215E+03  4.5085E+01
  3.0000E+02  1.5546E-04  1.7064E-02  2.5673E+03  4.1328E+01
  3.5000E+02  9.7190E-05  1.0668E-02  1.6050E+03  3.5424E+01
  4.0000E+02  6.4595E-05  7.0900E-03  1.0667E+03  3.0996E+01
  4.5000E+02  4.4955E-05  4.9343E-03  7.4240E+02  2.7552E+01
  5.0000E+02  3.2434E-05  3.5600E-03  5.3563E+02  2.4797E+01
  6.0000E+02  1.8321E-05  2.0109E-03  3.0255E+02  2.0664E+01
  7.0000E+02  1.1216E-05  1.2311E-03  1.8522E+02  1.7712E+01
  8.0000E+02  7.2794E-06  7.9900E-04  1.2021E+02  1.5498E+01
  9.0000E+02  4.9381E-06  5.4202E-04  8.1549E+01  1.3776E+01
  1.0000E+03  3.5053E-06  3.8475E-04  5.7888E+01  1.2398E+01
  1.2500E+03  1.7167E-06  1.8843E-04  2.8350E+01  9.9187E+00
  1.5000E+03  9.5319E-07  1.0462E-04  1.5741E+01  8.2656E+00
  1.7500E+03  5.7707E-07  6.3339E-05  9.5298E+00  7.0848E+00
  2.0000E+03  3.7208E-07  4.0840E-05  6.1446E+00  6.1992E+00
  2.2500E+03  2.5165E-07  2.7622E-05  4.1559E+00  5.5104E+00
  2.5000E+03  1.7669E-07  1.9394E-05  2.9179E+00  4.9594E+00
  2.7500E+03  1.2783E-07  1.4031E-05  2.1110E+00  4.5085E+00
  3.0000E+03  9.7155E-08  1.0664E-05  1.6044E+00  4.1328E+00
  3.5000E+03  5.8332E-08  6.4026E-06  9.6331E-01  3.5424E+00
  4.0000E+03  3.7350E-08  4.0995E-06  6.1680E-01  3.0996E+00
  4.5000E+03  2.5158E-08  2.7614E-06  4.1546E-01  2.7552E+00
  5.0000E+03  1.7651E-08  1.9374E-06  2.9149E-01  2.4797E+00
  6.0000E+03  9.5493E-09  1.0481E-06  1.5770E-01  2.0664E+00
  7.0000E+03  5.6790E-09  6.2333E-07  9.3784E-02  1.7712E+00
  8.0000E+03  3.6206E-09  3.9740E-07  5.9792E-02  1.5498E+00
  9.0000E+03  2.4344E-09  2.6720E-07  4.0202E-02  1.3776E+00
  1.0000E+04  1.7068E-09  1.8734E-07  2.8186E-02  1.2398E+00
  1.2500E+04  .80404E-10  8.8252E-08  1.3278E-02  9.9187E-01
  1.5000E+04  .42443E-10  4.6586E-08  7.0091E-03  8.2656E-01
  1.7500E+04  .25075E-10  2.7522E-08  4.1409E-03  7.0848E-01
  2.0000E+04  .15883E-10  1.7433E-08  2.6229E-03  6.1992E-01
  2.2500E+04  .10611E-10  1.1647E-08  1.7524E-03  5.5104E-01
  2.5000E+04  .73945E-11  8.1163E-09  1.2211E-03  4.9594E-01
  2.7500E+04  .53318E-11  5.8523E-09  8.8051E-04  4.5085E-01
  3.0000E+04  .39546E-11  4.3406E-09  6.5307E-04  4.1328E-01
  3.5000E+04  .23278E-11  2.5551E-09  3.8442E-04  3.5424E-01
  4.0000E+04  .14701E-11  1.6136E-09  2.4277E-04  3.0996E-01
  4.5000E+04  .97973E-12  1.0754E-09  1.6179E-04  2.7552E-01
  5.0000E+04  .68128E-12  7.4778E-10  1.1251E-04  2.4797E-01
  6.0000E+04  .36310E-12  3.9854E-10  5.9962E-05  2.0664E-01
  7.0000E+04  .21315E-12  2.3396E-10  3.5200E-05  1.7712E-01
  8.0000E+04  .13432E-12  1.4743E-10  2.2181E-05  1.5498E-01
  9.0000E+04  .89350E-13  9.8071E-11  1.4755E-05  1.3776E-01
  1.0000E+05  .62035E-13  6.8090E-11  1.0245E-05  1.2398E-01