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Z = 10     Molecular Mass : MA = 18.01528

Table I. Integrated oscillator strength, f, for transitions below the IP.

  Energy           f       lambda(A)
       7.4 band    0.0460         -        
       9.7 band    0.0732         -        
       9.994       0.0052  1240.6            
  10.168 - 10.171  0.0140  1219.4 - 1219.0 
  10.332 - 10.338  0.0107  1200.0 - 1199.3 
  10.559 - 10.575  0.0092  1174.2 - 1172.4 
  10.765 - 10.780  0.0069  1151.7 - 1150.1 
  10.990 - 11.057  0.0218  1128.2 - 1121.3 
       11.122      0.0223       1114.8            
  11.200 - 12.617  0.1240  1107.0 - 982.68 

Table II. Oscillator-strength density, df/dE, photoabsorption cross section, σa, and mass absorption coefficient, μm.

  Energy      fn(eV-1)    sigma_a(Mb) mu_m(cm2 g-1) lambda(A)
  1.2617E+01  1.1797E-01  1.2949E+01  4.3286E+05  9.8264E+02
  1.2629E+01  1.2077E-01  1.3256E+01  4.4312E+05  9.8171E+02
  1.2641E+01  1.4832E-01  1.6280E+01  5.4421E+05  9.8080E+02
  1.2677E+01  1.3411E-01  1.4720E+01  4.9207E+05  9.7800E+02
  1.2688E+01  1.3411E-01  1.4720E+01  4.9207E+05  9.7720E+02
  1.2735E+01  1.3322E-01  1.4623E+01  4.8881E+05  9.7360E+02
  1.2749E+01  1.3411E-01  1.4720E+01  4.9207E+05  9.7250E+02
  1.2782E+01  1.2257E-01  1.3453E+01  4.4970E+05  9.7000E+02
  1.2803E+01  1.5720E-01  1.7255E+01  5.7679E+05  9.6840E+02
  1.2818E+01  1.5632E-01  1.7157E+01  5.7354E+05  9.6730E+02
  1.2843E+01  1.4832E-01  1.6280E+01  5.4421E+05  9.6540E+02
  1.2871E+01  1.5809E-01  1.7352E+01  5.8005E+05  9.6330E+02
  1.2904E+01  1.5720E-01  1.7255E+01  5.7679E+05  9.6080E+02
  1.2918E+01  1.7230E-01  1.8912E+01  6.3219E+05  9.5980E+02
  1.2939E+01  1.6520E-01  1.8132E+01  6.0612E+05  9.5820E+02
  1.3022E+01  1.7941E-01  1.9692E+01  6.5826E+05  9.5210E+02
  1.3036E+01  1.7941E-01  1.9692E+01  6.5826E+05  9.5110E+02
  1.3059E+01  1.8296E-01  2.0082E+01  6.7130E+05  9.4940E+02
  1.3079E+01  1.7763E-01  1.9497E+01  6.5175E+05  9.4800E+02
  1.3116E+01  1.8296E-01  2.0082E+01  6.7130E+05  9.4530E+02
  1.3142E+01  1.9362E-01  2.1252E+01  7.1040E+05  9.4340E+02
  1.3153E+01  2.1405E-01  2.3494E+01  7.8535E+05  9.4260E+02
  1.3173E+01  2.0339E-01  2.2324E+01  7.4625E+05  9.4120E+02
  1.3242E+01  1.9539E-01  2.1447E+01  7.1692E+05  9.3630E+02
  1.3263E+01  2.0872E-01  2.2909E+01  7.6580E+05  9.3480E+02
  1.3277E+01  2.1582E-01  2.3689E+01  7.9187E+05  9.3380E+02
  1.3297E+01  2.1316E-01  2.3396E+01  7.8209E+05  9.3240E+02
  1.3332E+01  1.7141E-01  1.8815E+01  6.2893E+05  9.3000E+02
  1.3369E+01  2.0783E-01  2.2811E+01  7.6254E+05  9.2740E+02
  1.3386E+01  2.2559E-01  2.4761E+01  8.2772E+05  9.2620E+02
  1.3399E+01  2.1049E-01  2.3104E+01  7.7232E+05  9.2530E+02
  1.3421E+01  1.9984E-01  2.1934E+01  7.3321E+05  9.2380E+02
  1.3497E+01  2.0339E-01  2.2324E+01  7.4625E+05  9.1860E+02
  1.3513E+01  2.1405E-01  2.3494E+01  7.8535E+05  9.1750E+02
  1.3525E+01  2.2826E-01  2.5054E+01  8.3749E+05  9.1670E+02
  1.3543E+01  1.9984E-01  2.1934E+01  7.3321E+05  9.1550E+02
  1.3602E+01  1.8740E-01  2.0569E+01  6.8759E+05  9.1150E+02
  1.3625E+01  2.0605E-01  2.2617E+01  7.5602E+05  9.1000E+02
  1.3640E+01  2.1493E-01  2.3591E+01  7.8861E+05  9.0900E+02
  1.3653E+01  2.1316E-01  2.3396E+01  7.8209E+05  9.0810E+02
  1.3700E+01  1.6964E-01  1.8620E+01  6.2242E+05  9.0500E+02
  1.3730E+01  1.9273E-01  2.1154E+01  7.0714E+05  9.0300E+02
  1.3771E+01  2.1493E-01  2.3591E+01  7.8861E+05  9.0030E+02
  1.3862E+01  2.0250E-01  2.2227E+01  7.4299E+05  8.9440E+02
  1.3884E+01  2.1049E-01  2.3104E+01  7.7232E+05  8.9300E+02
  1.3909E+01  1.9184E-01  2.1057E+01  7.0388E+05  8.9140E+02
  1.3972E+01  1.8474E-01  2.0277E+01  6.7782E+05  8.8740E+02
  1.3997E+01  2.0072E-01  2.2032E+01  7.3647E+05  8.8580E+02
  1.4036E+01  1.8207E-01  1.9984E+01  6.6804E+05  8.8330E+02
  1.4105E+01  1.9273E-01  2.1154E+01  7.0714E+05  8.7900E+02
  1.4126E+01  1.8207E-01  1.9984E+01  6.6804E+05  8.7770E+02
  1.4184E+01  1.8207E-01  1.9984E+01  6.6804E+05  8.7410E+02
  1.4212E+01  1.8296E-01  2.0082E+01  6.7130E+05  8.7240E+02
  1.4248E+01  1.8207E-01  1.9984E+01  6.6804E+05  8.7020E+02
  1.4286E+01  1.7674E-01  1.9400E+01  6.4849E+05  8.6790E+02
  1.4304E+01  1.7586E-01  1.9302E+01  6.4523E+05  8.6680E+02
  1.4333E+01  1.7497E-01  1.9205E+01  6.4197E+05  8.6500E+02
  1.4375E+01  1.6964E-01  1.8620E+01  6.2242E+05  8.6250E+02
  1.4400E+01  1.5809E-01  1.7352E+01  5.8005E+05  8.6100E+02
  1.4430E+01  1.7497E-01  1.9205E+01  6.4197E+05  8.5920E+02
  1.4459E+01  1.7586E-01  1.9302E+01  6.4523E+05  8.5750E+02
  1.4498E+01  1.6697E-01  1.8327E+01  6.1264E+05  8.5520E+02
  1.4542E+01  1.6520E-01  1.8132E+01  6.0612E+05  8.5260E+02
  1.4568E+01  1.7586E-01  1.9302E+01  6.4523E+05  8.5110E+02
  1.4607E+01  1.6253E-01  1.7840E+01  5.9635E+05  8.4880E+02
  1.4687E+01  1.6697E-01  1.8327E+01  6.1264E+05  8.4420E+02
  1.4822E+01  1.6520E-01  1.8132E+01  6.0612E+05  8.3650E+02
  1.4872E+01  1.5632E-01  1.7157E+01  5.7354E+05  8.3370E+02
  1.4943E+01  1.5987E-01  1.7547E+01  5.8657E+05  8.2970E+02
  1.5080E+01  1.5720E-01  1.7255E+01  5.7679E+05  8.2220E+02
  1.5202E+01  1.5187E-01  1.6670E+01  5.5724E+05  8.1560E+02
  1.5333E+01  1.4921E-01  1.6377E+01  5.4747E+05  8.0860E+02
  1.5450E+01  1.4566E-01  1.5988E+01  5.3443E+05  8.0250E+02
  1.5498E+01  1.4211E-01  1.5598E+01  5.2140E+05  8.0000E+02
  1.5623E+01  1.4832E-01  1.6280E+01  5.4421E+05  7.9360E+02
  1.5814E+01  1.5276E-01  1.6767E+01  5.6050E+05  7.8400E+02
  1.5963E+01  1.5809E-01  1.7352E+01  5.8005E+05  7.7670E+02
  1.6173E+01  1.7319E-01  1.9010E+01  6.3545E+05  7.6660E+02
  1.6342E+01  1.7141E-01  1.8815E+01  6.2893E+05  7.5870E+02
  1.6531E+01  1.9273E-01  2.1154E+01  7.0714E+05  7.5000E+02
  1.6709E+01  1.7763E-01  1.9497E+01  6.5175E+05  7.4200E+02
  1.6880E+01  1.9362E-01  2.1252E+01  7.1040E+05  7.3450E+02
  1.7153E+01  1.9362E-01  2.1252E+01  7.1040E+05  7.2280E+02
  1.7712E+01  1.9007E-01  2.0862E+01  6.9737E+05  7.0000E+02
  1.8233E+01  1.9023E-01  2.0879E+01  6.9795E+05  6.8000E+02
  1.8785E+01  1.9228E-01  2.1105E+01  7.0548E+05  6.6000E+02
  1.9373E+01  1.9228E-01  2.1105E+01  7.0548E+05  6.4000E+02
  1.9997E+01  1.9165E-01  2.1035E+01  7.0317E+05  6.2000E+02
  2.0664E+01  1.8786E-01  2.0620E+01  6.8929E+05  6.0000E+02
  2.2500E+01  1.9219E-01  2.1095E+01  7.0518E+05  5.5104E+02
  2.5000E+01  1.7531E-01  1.9243E+01  6.4324E+05  4.9594E+02
  2.7500E+01  1.5811E-01  1.7354E+01  5.8012E+05  4.5085E+02
  3.0000E+01  1.4196E-01  1.5581E+01  5.2086E+05  4.1328E+02
  3.5000E+01  1.1442E-01  1.2559E+01  4.1982E+05  3.5424E+02
  4.0000E+01  9.3078E-02  1.0216E+01  3.4151E+05  3.0996E+02
  4.5000E+01  7.6699E-02  8.4185E+00  2.8141E+05  2.7552E+02
  5.0000E+01  6.4046E-02  7.0298E+00  2.3499E+05  2.4797E+02
  6.0000E+01  4.6311E-02  5.0831E+00  1.6992E+05  2.0664E+02
  7.0000E+01  3.4886E-02  3.8292E+00  1.2800E+05  1.7712E+02
  8.0000E+01  2.7158E-02  2.9809E+00  9.9647E+04  1.5498E+02
  9.0000E+01  2.1711E-02  2.3830E+00  7.9659E+04  1.3776E+02
  1.0000E+02  1.7737E-02  1.9468E+00  6.5078E+04  1.2398E+02
  1.2500E+02  1.0323E-02  1.1330E+00  3.7874E+04  9.9187E+01
  1.5000E+02  6.9341E-03  7.6109E-01  2.5442E+04  8.2656E+01
  1.7500E+02  4.8812E-03  5.3576E-01  1.7909E+04  7.0848E+01
  2.0000E+02  3.5513E-03  3.8980E-01  1.3030E+04  6.1992E+01
  2.2500E+02  2.6532E-03  2.9122E-01  9.7350E+03  5.5104E+01
  2.5000E+02  2.0270E-03  2.2249E-01  7.4373E+03  4.9594E+01
  2.7500E+02  1.5785E-03  1.7325E-01  5.7915E+03  4.5085E+01
  3.0000E+02  1.2497E-03  1.3717E-01  4.5853E+03  4.1328E+01
  3.5000E+02  8.1667E-04  8.9639E-02  2.9964E+03  3.5424E+01
  4.0000E+02  5.5840E-04  6.1291E-02  2.0488E+03  3.0996E+01
  4.5000E+02  3.9582E-04  4.3446E-02  1.4523E+03  2.7552E+01
  5.0000E+02  2.8890E-04  3.1710E-02  1.0600E+03  2.4797E+01
  5.3300E+02  2.3788E-04  2.6110E-02  8.7279E+02  2.3262E+01
  5.3300E+02  1.4254E-03  1.5645E-01  5.2299E+03  2.3262E+01
  5.3340E+02  6.3599E-03  6.9807E-01  2.3335E+04  2.3244E+01
  5.3402E+02  1.3183E-02  1.4470E+00  4.8370E+04  2.3217E+01
  5.3454E+02  8.9079E-03  9.7774E-01  3.2684E+04  2.3195E+01
  5.3504E+02  4.0979E-03  4.4979E-01  1.5036E+04  2.3173E+01
  5.3541E+02  1.1206E-02  1.2300E+00  4.1115E+04  2.3157E+01
  5.3567E+02  1.9116E-02  2.0982E+00  7.0137E+04  2.3146E+01
  5.3618E+02  1.4573E-02  1.5995E+00  5.3468E+04  2.3124E+01
  5.3651E+02  9.6380E-03  1.0579E+00  3.5363E+04  2.3109E+01
  5.3696E+02  1.2595E-02  1.3825E+00  4.6213E+04  2.3090E+01
  5.3730E+02  1.0467E-02  1.1488E+00  3.8404E+04  2.3075E+01
  5.3751E+02  8.9427E-03  9.8156E-01  3.2812E+04  2.3066E+01
  5.3798E+02  8.4089E-03  9.2297E-01  3.0853E+04  2.3046E+01
  5.3840E+02  8.9079E-03  9.7774E-01  3.2684E+04  2.3028E+01
  5.3930E+02  8.3909E-03  9.2100E-01  3.0787E+04  2.2990E+01
  5.3958E+02  8.4975E-03  9.3269E-01  3.1178E+04  2.2978E+01
  5.4000E+02  7.9423E-03  8.7176E-01  2.9141E+04  2.2960E+01
  5.4200E+02  7.3233E-03  8.0381E-01  2.6870E+04  2.2875E+01
  5.4400E+02  6.6067E-03  7.2515E-01  2.4240E+04  2.2791E+01
  5.4600E+02  6.1906E-03  6.7948E-01  2.2714E+04  2.2708E+01
  5.4800E+02  5.9259E-03  6.5043E-01  2.1743E+04  2.2625E+01
  5.5000E+02  5.8373E-03  6.4071E-01  2.1418E+04  2.2543E+01
  5.5200E+02  6.1289E-03  6.7271E-01  2.2487E+04  2.2461E+01
  5.5400E+02  6.1031E-03  6.6988E-01  2.2393E+04  2.2380E+01
  5.5600E+02  6.0493E-03  6.6397E-01  2.2195E+04  2.2299E+01
  5.5800E+02  5.8900E-03  6.4649E-01  2.1611E+04  2.2219E+01
  5.6000E+02  5.7846E-03  6.3492E-01  2.1224E+04  2.2140E+01
  5.6200E+02  5.3416E-03  5.8630E-01  1.9599E+04  2.2061E+01
  5.6400E+02  5.3069E-03  5.8249E-01  1.9471E+04  2.1983E+01
  5.6600E+02  5.2362E-03  5.7473E-01  1.9212E+04  2.1905E+01
  5.8000E+02  4.3838E-03  4.8117E-01  1.6084E+04  2.1377E+01
  5.9000E+02  4.2102E-03  4.6212E-01  1.5448E+04  2.1014E+01
  6.0000E+02  4.0454E-03  4.4403E-01  1.4843E+04  2.0664E+01
  7.0000E+02  2.7806E-03  3.0520E-01  1.0202E+04  1.7712E+01
  8.0000E+02  1.9879E-03  2.1819E-01  7.2938E+03  1.5498E+01
  9.0000E+02  1.4687E-03  1.6121E-01  5.3888E+03  1.3776E+01
  1.0000E+03  1.1154E-03  1.2242E-01  4.0924E+03  1.2398E+01
  1.2500E+03  6.1604E-04  6.7617E-02  2.2603E+03  9.9187E+00
  1.5000E+03  3.7620E-04  4.1292E-02  1.3803E+03  8.2656E+00
  1.7500E+03  2.4696E-04  2.7106E-02  9.0610E+02  7.0848E+00
  2.0000E+03  1.7116E-04  1.8786E-02  6.2799E+02  6.1992E+00
  2.2500E+03  1.2374E-04  1.3582E-02  4.5401E+02  5.5104E+00
  2.5000E+03  9.2531E-05  1.0156E-02  3.3950E+02  4.9594E+00
  2.7500E+03  6.8694E-05  7.5399E-03  2.5204E+02  4.5085E+00
  3.0000E+03  5.3417E-05  5.8630E-03  1.9599E+02  4.1328E+00
  3.5000E+03  3.3990E-05  3.7308E-03  1.2471E+02  3.5424E+00
  4.0000E+03  2.2846E-05  2.5076E-03  8.3824E+01  3.0996E+00
  4.5000E+03  1.6030E-05  1.7595E-03  5.8815E+01  2.7552E+00
  5.0000E+03  1.1642E-05  1.2778E-03  4.2716E+01  2.4797E+00
  6.0000E+03  6.6520E-06  7.3013E-04  2.4407E+01  2.0664E+00
  7.0000E+03  4.1180E-06  4.5200E-04  1.5109E+01  1.7712E+00
  8.0000E+03  2.7046E-06  2.9686E-04  9.9234E+00  1.5498E+00
  9.0000E+03  1.8586E-06  2.0400E-04  6.8193E+00  1.3776E+00
  1.0000E+04  1.2947E-06  1.4211E-04  4.7505E+00  1.2398E+00
  1.2500E+04  6.3555E-07  6.9759E-05  2.3319E+00  9.9187E-01
  1.5000E+04  3.5511E-07  3.8977E-05  1.3029E+00  8.2656E-01
  1.7500E+04  2.1708E-07  2.3827E-05  7.9650E-01  7.0848E-01
  2.0000E+04  1.4174E-07  1.5558E-05  5.2007E-01  6.1992E-01
  2.2500E+04  9.7320E-08  1.0682E-05  3.5708E-01  5.5104E-01
  2.5000E+04  6.9551E-08  7.6340E-06  2.5519E-01  4.9594E-01
  2.7500E+04  5.1157E-08  5.6151E-06  1.8770E-01  4.5085E-01
  3.0000E+04  3.8478E-08  4.2233E-06  1.4118E-01  4.1328E-01
  3.5000E+04  2.3223E-08  2.5490E-06  8.5207E-02  3.5424E-01
  4.0000E+04  1.4997E-08  1.6461E-06  5.5025E-02  3.0996E-01
  4.5000E+04  1.0197E-08  1.1193E-06  3.7415E-02  2.7552E-01
  5.0000E+04  7.2219E-09  7.9268E-07  2.6498E-02  2.4797E-01
  6.0000E+04  3.9753E-09  4.3633E-07  1.4586E-02  2.0664E-01
  7.0000E+04  2.3998E-09  2.6340E-07  8.8050E-03  1.7712E-01
  8.0000E+04  1.5491E-09  1.7003E-07  5.6838E-03  1.5498E-01
  9.0000E+04  1.0521E-09  1.1548E-07  3.8602E-03  1.3776E-01
  1.0000E+05  7.4389E-10  8.1650E-08  2.7294E-03  1.2398E-01